31 Daily Videos of Exactly What Fit Vegans Eat for Veganuary

So, you’ve heard and seen enough to convince you that veganism is best for people, animals and the planet, but perhaps you’re wondering to yourself exactly how you can start or maintain a fit and athletic lifestyle as a vegan? Well, that’s where we come in!

Four years ago we weren’t exactly a picture of health! In fact, we were the polar opposite, with more unhealthy addictions than we care to recollect. But, after watching a documentary called ‘Earthlings’, we made the decision to go vegan. Having a young family at the time meant that we had to research what would be the most nutritionally balanced way that we could eat as vegans – for all ages and stages of life.

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Thankfully, this prompted us to fervently study nutrition and exercise, gaining several qualifications along the way. We’ve learned so much, and put it all into practice, that we dramatically transformed our unhealthy bodies into becoming sub 3-hour marathon runners within three years, and we are now even trying our hand at bodybuilding!

It is for this reason that we wanted to support Veganuary (which is a campaign which we think is absolutely amazing!), by doing our bit and uploading a daily video of exactly what we fit vegans eat for one month solid! Please check out the videos here: YouTube.com/VeganFitnessCom and be sure to head to our website here: VeganFitness.com to sign up to receive our weekly lessons on becoming a fit vegan. We also have Facebook and Instagram, too, if that’s more your thing.

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So far in the videos we have covered lots and lots of quick and easy meal ideas and also what to eat to gain muscle, how to eat to support fat loss, what to eat before and after workouts, meal timing, calories and macros, vegan supplements, eating out at restaurants and so much more!

We’re fully committed to doing all we can for Veganuary, so if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comments section on any of the videos and we’ll look forward to chatting with you soon.

Darren & Georgie, VeganFitness.com 🙂

P.S. If you’d like to hear more about our journey and how you can implement the same changes into your own life, we are going to be giving a presentation at VegFest in Brighton on 27th Feb so please come and say Hi!

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