5 Reasons to Have a Vegan Easter

Whatever your reasons for celebrating, Easter can be an ideal time to explore the wonders of a vegan lifestyle.

Spring is well and truly in the air: blue skies, nature waking up and a glimpse of sun – what’s not to love? This time of year is all about rebirth, new beginnings and fresh starts… the perfect time to think about trying vegan.

Bunny rabbit
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1. Compassion

Veganism means compassion: for the animals, for the planet and for our own health – it’s what we stand for and what drives us forward. Eating lamb is a long-standing Easter tradition for many, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

It’s not easy to see little lambs happily jumping around in fields, knowing they will soon end up on someone’s Easter plate. For many people, making this connection stirs up strong emotions leading them to no longer eat lamb and subsequently look to removing more animals out of their diet. Joining the dots between what you see on the fields and what ends up on your plate can truly transform you.

2. Chocolate

Easter = chocolate, for kids and adults alike. As veganism becomes more accepted, retailers are hopping at the chance to launch exciting vegan Easter eggs and other chocolatey treats.

From hot cross buns to mini eggs and chocolate bunnies, there really is an alternative to everything. With so many vegan-friendly options to beloved foods, it’s never been easier to avoid animals in our diets.

3. Inclusivity

Perhaps you have a vegan family member and you’re worried about making separate meals. Maybe you’re the only vegan in the family and are anxious about feeling like the “awkward one” (which you’re not, by the way).

Sometimes people make their minds up about vegan meals before even trying any, and occasions such as Easter can be an ideal opportunity to get creative and share the love (and veganism) through food. By making and sharing something that everyone can eat, it’s not only easier, but also much less stress and hassle. Use this opportunity to experiment with vegan Easter recipes.

4. Feeling Great

A plant-based Easter meal will can make you feel much more positive, whether you want to feel great after eating something healthful and full of vibrant veggies, or you want to feel amazing because no animals were hurt in the making of your dinner.

An increasing number of people are trying a whole foods vegan diet for the health benefits, including famous athletes. From lowering cholesterol levels to reducing risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, a healthful plant-powered diet can work wonders.

5. All the food!

Just in case we haven’t mentioned it before… there is so much fantastic vegan food out there –pretty much everything has a vegan alternative.

Whether you prefer to make everything from scratch or enjoy the ease and speediness of ready meals, most supermarkets have their own assortment of vegan staples and products to help you create the Easter meal of your dreams.

Vegan Easter Meal Ideas

1. Hot Cross Buns

Who doesn’t love a good hot cross bun? This family favourite can be veganised with just a few simple swaps.

Vegan Hot Cross Buns presented with a cup of tea
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2. Vegan Roast Dinner

The traditional roast dinner is one of the highlights of Easter weekend, right? Preparing a vegan version of this meat-centred dish is surprisingly easy (and delicious).

Roast Dinner
Image Credit: Clea Grady

3. Shepherd’s Pie

You can’t go wrong with a classic shepherd’s pie. The ultimate comfort food, it’s ideal if you’re cooking for the family.

Vegan Shepherd's Pie
Image Credit: Green Leafy Gael

4. Pesto Roast Potatoes

Light, fluffy and dangerously more-ish, no roast dinner is complete without potatoes! Upgrade your vegan Easter meals with these pesto roasties. You can thank us later!

Pesto Roast Potatoes
Image Credit: Sacla

5. Carrot Cake

Not a fan of chocolate? You can still get your fix of sweet treats at Easter with this scrumptious carrot cake.

Vegan carrot cake
Image Credit: Flora Freedom

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