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500 Days and Counting… Sustainability Tips with Max La Manna

Zero Waste vegan chef Max La Manna reveals his secrets to living sustainably in an unsustainable world.

Plastic bottle pollution
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In 500 days, I’ve avoided all food waste and the most single-use plastic culprits – plastic bags, plastic water bottles, plastic straws, plastic utensils and single-use coffee cups.  To be honest, this zero-waste lifestyle can be quite challenging at times, but, for the most part, plastic can be avoided at all costs if you come prepared.

If you look around you, you may find plastic within your eye line, perhaps you may even be wearing it right now.  Take a moment and count the items of plastic products you see right now.  Okay, maybe this wasn’t a good idea… but hopefully it’s made you become a little bit more aware of your surroundings and how plastic is suffocating our environment.

Our Plastic War

Did you know? If Leonardo da Vinci was to drink water from a plastic bottle when painting the Mona Lisa, that bottle would still in fact be around today – crazy, right?

What will it take for people to reconsider their choices? Do we need to see another whale wash ashore with plastic in its guts? Do we need to see more plastic enter the food chain? When will we reevaluate our lifestyle choices? Plastic lasts forever and doesn’t easily “go away”.

But I admit, no one is perfect.

I haven’t always been conscious of my choices; I mean we are only human. I didn’t wake up overnight ‘ready to save the planet’. We all learn from the people we surround ourselves with, and gain knowledge via the food we eat.  I started with making the small changes in my daily life.  First, saying no to plastic straws and plastic bags.  Next, I started looking at reducing my food waste by shopping smarter and composting my waste.  Little by little, I started seeing the impact I was creating and my waste reduced tremendously.

There is No Such Thing as Zero

We are all creating waste little by little each day and that’s natural! But I am hopeful that if you are reading this, you can choose to make small daily decisions to reduce your waste. What do you have to lose? Just a planet we call home.

Get started today and take a stance against plastic pollution!  Bring a reusable bag with you where ever you go, a reusable water bottle, reusable cutlery, a reusable cloth to replace of paper napkins. Shop for food in bulk and food that is loose – say no to plastic packaging. Lots of food has its own natural packaging – keep it simple and say no to excess waste.

I hope you understand the importance of our health and the health of the planet. If there is no planet, then there is simply no us. We need to educate ourselves first before we can educate and share this information with others.  It’s up to us now.

Now. The best time to make a change was yesterday, the second best time is now.

Ready to save the planet? Try vegan with us and make a positive change this month.

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