8 of the Best Vegan Ice Creams to Fill Your Freezer With This Summer 

7 of the best vegan ice creams to fill your freezer with this summer

Gone are the days when the only ice cream flavour that vegans could find in the shops was vanilla – or maybe if you were lucky (and lived in America) then chocolate as well! Now there are heaps of dairy-free ice creams on the market and the biggest problem is fitting them all in your freezer. Here’s our round-up of the best vegan ice creams to treat yourself to this summer.

Best vegan ice creams - Ben and Jerry's

1. Ben & Jerry’s Dairy Free

Ice cream wizards Ben & Jerry’s long anticipated vegan delights are whipped up using almond milk, and with a range of amazing flavours, including Chunky Monkey, Peanut Butter & Cookies and Chocolate Fudge Brownie, there’s something for everyone. Currently five are available in the UK, four in Australia and 15 in the USA.

Best vegan ice creams - Cornetto

2. Just one Cornetto… or maybe two

Vegan Cornetto ice creams are here– hurrah! This summer staple means that you can chomp your way through a traditional vanilla ice cream cone topped with chocolate and nuts. They’re made with soy and have a crunchy cone that’s gluten-free too! If you can’t find the Wall’s versions then you’ll find own-brand Free From Cones in various supermarkets – they come in Strawberry & Vanilla, Toffee & Vanilla, and Chocolate & Vanilla and are really tasty!

Best Vegan Ice Creams - Booja-Booja

3. Booja-Booja

Delicious Booja-Booja vegan ice cream is dairy free, kosher and available in six amazing flavours including Caramel Pecan Praline and Chocolate Salted Caramel. Look out for it in larger supermarkets, health food stores and independent vegan stores in the UK and Australia.

Best Vegan Ice Creams - So Delicious

4. So Delicious (it’s true!)

This long established American brand has an absolutely huge range of frozen desserts made from either soy, cashew milk, almond milk and coconut milk with some taste bud tingling flavours including Mint Choc, Toasted Coconut Key Lime and Cookie Dough. Look out for their bars and ice cream sandwiches too!

Best Vegan Ice Creams - Alpro

5. Alpro Ice Cream

The dairy-free genius that is Alpro has four flavours of ice cream under its belt; Vanilla, Coconut, Chocolate Hazelnut and Salted Caramel… mmmm. Completely plant-based, these tubs contain less sugar than the others in the UK market.

Best Vegan Ice Creams - Coconut Bliss

6. Coconut Bliss

There’s no denying that coconut milk makes for a super creamy ice cream, and this range of organic vegan ice cream comes in a huge array of delicious flavours. Choose from tubs, bars or sandwiches in flavours such as Summer Berry Swirl, Ginger Cookie Caramel and Cappuccino. You’ll find Coconut Bliss widely in America and some stores in Europe.

7. MiiRO

MiiRO offer a healthy alternative to ice cream lollies. Made with coconut milk for a creamy ice cream centre, nutritionally bolstered by tasty nuts and naturally sweetened with coconut sugar and Italian grapes, each ice cream lolly treat is coated in a thick layer of rich chocolate and is 100% vegan. Look out for MiiRO at independent health shops across the UK!

8. Magnum

What a wonderful day when Magnum launched a Vegan Classic and a Vegan Almond version of its incredibly popular chocolate-covered ice cream. A Vegan Sea Salt version is also available in the USA.

Best Vegan Ice Creams - make your own!

Why not make your own?

Making your own ice cream is easier than you might think and you don’t even need any fancy kitchen gadgets like an ice cream maker to do it! Check out our recipe section to get the scoop on homemade ice cream. We recommend this super easy recipe for delicious banana ice cream that uses frozen bananas or this recipe that uses miraculous aquafaba (chickpea water) to create creamy Mint Choc Chip ice cream.

Check out our recipe pages for more great dairy-free summer recipe ideas!


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