ALIVE Boutique Supporting Veganuary

What is the ALIVE Boutique? Well, it stands for ‘A Little Vegan Boutique’, an online shop for vegan fashion where vegans and ethically-minded consumers can browse and shop through a range of products and fashion items that are completely vegan.

Throughout December and into 2017, the ALIVE boutique will be fundraising for Veganuary and donating a percentage of their profits to specifically funded projects.

The ALIVE Boutique was set-up in late-2016 by Lucas Windhager, who is originally from Vienna but moved to London in 2012. Lucas took part in Veganuary 2014 after being vegetarian for over 10 years and embraced a vegan lifestyle.

Realising that online vegan fashion options are limited within the UK, he decided to set-up an online vegan fashion boutique, a little bit like a ‘vegan ASOS’.

Starting small they will be adding new collections over the coming weeks and months so check out their website or on social media.





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