Hello, my name’s Lottie and I’m a healthy foodaholic! My old life was chock full of diet, low fat, calorie counted foods (plus some takeaways), whereas now, most days are filled with plant-based yumminess I make and create at home, with the odd takeaway (I’m only human!) is a collection of simple recipes that I’m eager to share with other newbies like me, to prove that healthy, whole foods are the best way to make delicious dishes and treats, that both you and your body will love.

Outside of blogging, my day job is working in social media which I love, and I’m a self-confessed twitter addict. I work on the theory that exercise should always be fun, so you may well spot me shaking my thang in a Booiaka dance class, toning (and groaning) at Pilates, or hula-hooping in front of the TV at home. I live with my other half (who’s accidently become much healthier too!), and the highlight of our year is holidaying in our favourite state of California.

My foodie dreams are ever evolving, and I’d love to move my passion for social media into a full-time role for a genuinely healthy food or drink brand. If they’d like me to relocate to the USA, then I’m up for that too! In the meantime, I’m open to all of the exciting opportunities and partnerships that keep finding me through my blog, and am excited to meet many more fabulous foodies along the way.

Lottie x