The Vegan Hausfrau

Welcome to the vegan hausfrau! I’m Annette, an ethical vegan with passion for hearty, traditional food.

I’m cookbook addict and I love reading cookery books from all over the world. My special interest is vintage cookbooks: if you find a vintage cookbook in your Grandma’s attic and don’t know what to do with it, please let me know, I might want to adopt it.

I focus on being vegan on a budget because I find many approaches to vegan cooking a little elitist and off-putting for people who struggle financially. Vegan food doesn’t have to be organic, we don’t necessarily have to shop at the health food store and not every vegan needs an overpriced blender.

I’ll also share basic techniques that vegan cooks need but haven’t learned from scratch. I’ve learned how to cook from my grandmother, my father and decades of self-study. Like many people who know how to cook from scratch I can separate eggs, joint a chicken or make a Bernaise sauce. But I had never learned how to make a basic nooch sauce or how to make nut cheese until I tought myself. So I’m aspiring to be the vegan grandmother most of us never had and teach basic cooking skills from a vegan point of view. Once you master them, eating great food is easy, even on a very tight budget.