The right to live

Animals are not our property, and should not be used for food, clothing, research or entertainment

Animals are sentient beings. They are capable of emotion and feel pain, as well as happiness.

Like us, they can feel calm or they can suffer from stress. The mass production of animals for food and clothing has resulted in an industry that cares little for their well-being, and causes them to suffer in innumerable ways.

Two of the worst culprits are the dairy and egg industries. Research tells us that chickens probably suffer the most miserable existence of all factory farmed animals. Yet their eggs are consumed on an overwhelming scale. Dairy cows have their calves removed from them only hours after giving birth, after being forcibly impregnated to ensure they produce milk. Like any mother, they grieve. So too do their young.

Scroll down to read about these animals; learn about their personalities, how they interact within their social groups and what they most enjoy. Then read about their short, unhappy lives within the confines of the meat, dairy and egg industries.

Someone, not something.

When we talk about the billions of animals suffering at the hands of the dairy, meat and egg industries, it can be easy to overlook the fact that each and every one of these animals is an individual. Each as unique as your cat or dog, with the same little personality traits and quirks. Here we share the stories of some fantastic characters, rescued from slaughter and living their lives as nature intended.

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