Effective Vegan Advocacy Training Coming To London

On the 1st and 2nd September the Centre for Effective Vegan Advocacy is holding their internationally renowned training in London.

This is only the second time this training has been offered in the UK and is set to be a huge success.

This two-day, on-site training based at Bankside House, London is led by Dr Melanie Joy and Tobias Leenaert, who have over 30 years of combined experience in vegan advocacy. The training aims to increase the impact of individual advocates and to provide participants with tools to increase the effectiveness of the organisations they may be affiliated with.

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The workshops cover the following topics:

• Making a difference for Animals
• Effective Communication
• Effective Vegan Advocacy
• Making Compassion Easier: Normalising Veganism
• Strategic Vegan Outreach
• Sustainable Activism.

‘At the Centre for Effective Vegan Advocacy, we aim to empower the vegan movement by empowering vegan advocates and organisations. Through offering on-site training, grants to qualifying organisations, and a strategy resource centre, we seek to increase the effectiveness of vegans and vegan organisations and therefore to increase the impact of the vegan movement as a whole.’
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“It’s all about effective communication. We have all been there; at work, a family occasion, a meal with friends, a casual chat with your neighbour where we have been caught up in an unproductive exchange about eating animals. It inevitably ends with you forgetting those mic dropping facts you were sure you had committed to memory and you never wanting to speak to these people again. CEVA offers you the tools to facilitate meaningful, sustainable and useful conversations with those around us, essential to the furtherance and success of the movement.”
Amy Odene, Campaign Manager at ProVeg, UK

The event will be held at Bankside House in London over the two days and tickets are expected to sell out fast so book your place ceva2018.eventbrite.co.uk and use the exclusive code: VEGANUARYCEVA18 for a £5 discount.

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