Co-Founder to Run 69 Miles for Animals

This is Matthew Glover, Veganuary’s Co-Founder, and he’s just signed up to run an ultramarathon in June 2015.


He will run 69 miles in 24 hours, from Carlisle to Newcastle, along the nearly 2,000 year old Hadrian’s Wall. A true test of human endurance.

This is the first race Matthew has ever entered. He’s not even run a 5km before!

So why is he doing this? Well, for the reason he does most things to be honest.

For the animals.

Many people regularly donate to animal charities. The most abused, however – the farmed animals – are typically overlooked. Horribly ironic when you discover that over 70 billion of these animals are slaughtered every year for human use.

Veganuary would like to change that. Going vegan is quickest and most effective way to reduce animal suffering. Veganuary inspires people across the globe to try vegan in January. We will then support them if they choose to remain vegan, throughout the rest of the year and beyond.

Matthew and his wife Jane have funded Veganuary so far with their own money. Donations will enable us to grow, and inspire thousands more people throughout the world.

Matthew started his training programme today, and will be putting one foot painfully in front of the other in support of animals. We’d love it if you could show him some support in return.

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