Countdown to Veganuary Day 2

A Bite-Sized Nutritional Nugget!

It’s day 2 of our Countdown to Veganuary Calendar, and today we bring you a little nutritional fact.

Whether you’re trying vegan for the health-kick, for the animals, or for the planet, we aim to guide you through a healthy transition, including providing information that will give you all the nourishment that your body needs – minus the animal products!

Vegan advent calendar

We’ve all been told the age old, drink your milk – it’s full of calcium that builds strong and healthy teeth and bones! But it doesn’t only come in cow’s milk as most people presume. Here are some plant-based equivalents:

kale, watercress, collard greens, broccoli, calcium-set tofu, fortified plant milks, and fortified soy yoghurt – all contain lots of calcium!

Did you know that vitamin D is a great way to support your body’s absorption of calcium? Today we offer you food options that are rich in plant-based sources of vitamin D, including mushrooms!

Have a look on the packet to see if your local supermarket’s mushrooms are grown under UV rays, we found some in Tesco and Aldi!

Check out our collaboration with Wicked Healthy this January, where we’ll be bringing you a new recipe every day for the month of January, and showing you some great ways to cook mushrooms!

Here is what you can expect!

Keep an eye out on our calendar, we’ll be posting more nutritional suggestions to keep you feeling your best this January and beyond!

Check back at our main post to see our full countdown calendar as each day goes up.

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