Countdown to Veganuary Day 5

For the animals

Day 5 of our Countdown to Veganuary calendar reminds us why so many choose compassion over taste.

There are many reasons for choosing vegan; some of the main reasons being for the animals, for your health, and for the environment.

It is often exclaimed that we have long consumed animals, and so it is our right to continue to do so. This is a point that doesn’t consider innovations in animal agriculture following World War II, and our mass production of animals in factory farming. It also doesn’t consider the invention of supermarkets, and how this has affected food production and distribution. Neither does it consider the fast food industry – to simply satisfy our taste buds. In terms of our vast human history of consuming animals, these practices are modern.

History and methods aside, there are many other options available today than there ever has been! See our post on The Humane Meat Myth in our Vegan Starter Kit on why more people are choosing kindness and compassion over taste. If you’re worried about health, have a look at Nutrition in a Nutshell to see why we needn’t rely on animal products to be healthy!

Keep an eye out on our calendar, we’ll be posting more reasons like this on why people adopt a vegan lifestyle!

Check back at our main post to see our full countdown calendar as each day goes up.

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