Countdown to Veganuary Day 6

Vitamins are important – for everyone!

Day 6 of our Coundown to Veganuary is here, today we look at nutrition. Here is the biggie (and probably the most controversial). It need not be.

Why is B12 so important, and where can we get it? B12 ensures healthy brains and nervous systems; it also contributes to red blood cell production… so we can all agree that B12 is pretty important!

Ensure that you get a reliable source of vitamin B12 through fortified foods (eat at least two a day at different meals) or cyanocobalamin supplements (25-100mcg a day is ideal or 2,500 mcg taken just once a week).

Keep an eye out on our calendar, we’ll be posting more nutritional info like this in the lead up to Veganuary!

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