Countdown To World Vegan Month: How Can You Take Part?

World Vegan Month is just around the corner and promises a 30-day celebration of all things plant-based. It began with The Vegan society’s World Vegan Day on 1 November, and was expanded by Animal Aid to make it a month-long celebration of all things vegan!

Image credit: The Vegan Society

Our friends over at The Vegan Society are leading the way in celebrating November with their World Vegan Day initiative! And of course our pals at Animal Aid who actually launched the full month 10 years ago, believing that one day just wasn’t enough to talk about all the issues surrounding animal agriculture.

Vegans across the globe are invited to take part, to show the world that ditching animals from our diets doesn’t need to be difficult. Check out our round-up of some easy but interesting ways to get involved in World Vegan Month. You might even inspire others to go vegan!

Host a Vegan Dinner Party

Invite your non-vegan and vegan-curious friends to dinner and offer them a delicious plant-based meal. Many non-vegans have the assumption that plant-based food is all salad leaves and bland beans, but at Veganuary we know of course that isn’t true.

Wow them with your culinary skills – you could knock up a veganised version of a classic dish, or make something really creative they might not have tried before. Veganuary has a whole host of dinner party recipe ideas to get you started.

Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook?

If cooking isn’t your thing, and you’re feeling generous, you could treat your friends or family to a vegan meal at a restaurant. Many high street eateries have amazing vegan menus – just ask!

 The Great Office Bake-Off

With vegan week even reaching the Great British Bake-Off make like Paul Hollywood and create your own baking masterpiece to share with your colleagues or classmates. As vegan cake can be just as tasty (or even tastier – Oreo cupcakes anyone?) than those made with eggs and dairy, you might even convince some omnivores to try more vegan foods!

 Attend a Vegan Outreach Event

The huge rise in veganism means there is usually an outreach event taking place near you each week. From attending a Cube of Truth or handing out vegan leaflets (or free cake!) to shoppers, to volunteering at your local animal sanctuary or attending an animal rights demonstration, there are lots of ways you can involve yourself in outreach. Some of the best ways to discover existing events are through local vegan Facebook groups and animal rescue centres.

Take the Veganuary Pledge

If you’re not already vegan, by signing up to receive our free email series you’ll receive a bundle of really simple tips to help you on your journey to a plant-based diet. If you’re already vegan but want to inspire others, asking them to sign-up to Veganuary could be an easy way to encourage them to opt for more animal-free food choices. Ninety-eight percent of surveyed participants say they would recommend Veganuary to a friend, so what’s stopping you? 

Try our 31 day challenge and find out how to go vegan.


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