NEW UK Dairy-Free Vegan Cheese Factory Is Coming

Purezza win investment, taking them one step closer to opening their plant-based cheese factory

Rainbow Purezza Pride Pizza
Purezza’s Rainbow Pizza for Pride

Purezza, the inspirational and much admired vegan pizzeria originating in Brighton, has taken an enormous bite into their exciting future project to create a new free-from cheese factory in the UK. Their creamy mozzarella, currently used on their vegan pizzas, is set to become available to the public after securing £35,000 in initial investment to begin fulfilling their industrial dream.

Oh yes, it’s coming. Plant-based, allergen-free, completely natural mozzarella that rivals traditional dairy will be available soon enough. The very same cheese that makes our plant-based pizzas completely unique – Purezza

In July 2018, multiple enterprising vegans congregated at the finals of Vevolution’s second edition of Pitch + Plant, a plant-based business pitching competition designed to provide investment towards great vegan projects and services. On offer, a slice of the total £100,000 of investment provided by BRAN Investments, towards bettering and furthering plant-based businesses in the UK. Purezza secured their financial incentive after battling with seven other vegan businesses, in a fierce competition whereby candidates had five minutes to sell their grand ideas to a panel of expert investors.

Purezza Receive Vevolution Cheque
Purezza Receive Vevolution Funding Competition Prize from Pitch + Plant

After much deliberation by the judges, Purezza was finally rewarded for their hard work and ambition, securing a hefty chunk of their much-needed funding for the factory. Purezza currently has two restaurants; their hometown start-up in Brighton and a newly opened second restaurant in Camden, London. Their truly revolutionary pizzas have seen Purezza restaurants become somewhat of a destination for vegan foodies, offering unique and delicious flavour combinations specifically designed for those with allergens in mind.

Purezza Pizza Of The Month
Purezza pizza of the month: adorned with their houseblend mozzarella, soon to be manufactured

Unlike Other Cheeses

Purezza’s “mozzarella 2.0” is unique from most other vegan cheeses on the market. This dairy-free alternative will be free from allergens including soya, nuts and gluten, making it one of the most free-from cheeses on the vegan market. But what makes Purezza’s mozzarella so unique, is the ingredients list. Whilst the current recipe remains a well-kept secret, we have been told that the cheese will be made from 100% natural ingredients, without lactic acid and other preservatives. Importantly, the cheese will be made without the use of palm oil, making it more environmentally sound.

Talking to the Independent, co-founder of Purezza Tim Barclay said:

This investment is extremely exciting for us, and sets the wheels in motion for where we want to take the business.

We’ll be continuing to raise funds for the factory in coming weeks, and look forward to distributing our mozzarella to stores and restaurants in the near future.

We can’t wait to get our hands on their vegan mozzarella, and wish Purezza all the luck in the world on reaching their dream. We hope to see their cheeses line the supermarket shelves in the near future.

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