Day 14: Nākd Team champion Veganuary

As leaders of the wholefood revolution and official supporters of Veganuary, Nakd are advocates of a healthy, wholesome approach to food. Made from just pressed fruit and nuts and natural flavourings, Nakd’s gluten and dairy free bars leave people feeling great inside and out. With January in full swing and the excesses of Christmas seemingly far away, we caught up with some of the Nakd team who’ve been taking part in Veganuary to find out how they’ve been getting on so far.

For most of the team, trying an entirely vegan diet was a first, with motivations for taking part varying from health reasons to weight loss and just plain curiosity. US Operations Manager Traci David prepared for the start of the challenge by spending “more time planning meals and making time for visiting more organic markets”. This resonated with other members of the team who’ve enjoyed taking time to think about meals by stocking up at local farmers markets and trying out new recipes like IT Manager Hermann Kann’s vegan lasagne (below).

Veg Lsagne
Hermann Kann’s vegan lasagne

Hermann admits the greatest challenge so far has been resisting the inevitable leftover Christmas treats like milk chocolate and blue cheese.  And he’s not the only one, with Sales Director Emma Grant (below) finding solace in Nakd’s Cocoa Delight Bits for some sweet satisfaction when the 9pm choccy craving hits. Despite this, the whole team agrees that with a little extra investigation it’s possible to find healthy vegan alternatives to almost all everyday products such as almond milk and vegan cheese, often containing less additives than their counterparts. What’s more the team has noticed an increase in mental and physical energy as well as feeling generally healthier and easily packing in their five-a-day.

Sales Director Emma Grant
Sales Director Emma Grant

Production & Stock Manager Naomi Sayer was persuaded to take part by other members of the team but has since found eating healthier and losing weight have been just two of the benefits since turning vegan, with TREK Peanut Power bars helping her through the tough times. Naomi explains that by researching and planning her meals for the week, it’s been easier to stick to Veganuary and resist temptation.

Production & Stock Manager Naomi Sayer
Production & Stock Manager Naomi Sayer

With their newfound energy and glowing complexions, we’re confident the Nakd team will stay strong and keep inspiring us with their recipe and snacking ideas throughout the rest of Veganuary and perhaps even beyond!

Nakd are official supporters of Veganuary, find out more on Twitter, Facebook or their website.

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