Natalie Tamara

My name is Natalie Tamara, a thirty-something living in Leeds. PR person by day, recipe developer and photographer by night. I started The Tofu Diaries in 2014 as a productive outlet for the photos I’m always taking, to inspire me to write down the recipes I create, and as a way to share my tips and insights into being a meat-free traveller in over sixty countries and counting.

I’ve been vegetarian for almost as long as I can remember and it has a huge influence on not only the food I eat, but the way I travel, the products I buy, and the clothes I wear. Everything I cook at home has been exclusively vegan for a while now and I’ve more recently transitioned to a fully vegan diet, but you will still find some older blog posts that are focused on vegetarian food.

I’ve also had itchy feet for as long as I can remember and am always on the lookout for an adventure, near or far. Four years of my twenties were spent living abroad and travelling and, even though I’ve settled in Leeds for the time-being, I still fit in as many trips in a year as possible.

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