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Domino’s is Trialling Vegan Pizza in the UK

Now that most pizza chains offer vegan options, it was only a matter of time before Domino’s Pizza in the UK caught up with demand

One of the vegan options currently available from Domino’s in Belgium enjoyed by our Digital Content Manager!

Rumours began circulating on social media earlier this week that Domino’s had launched a vegan pizza in a few of its stores, and the brand has since confirmed it’s true.

Vegans took to Facebook groups to express their surprise and delight that a ‘Vegan Supreme’ pizza is being trialled in some Domino’s stores across the UK, and you can check if it’s available in your area via the Domino’s app or website.  The new offering could make it even easier to order vegan junk food straight to your door!

Created on Domino’s new vegan pizza base, the Vegan Supreme is topped with tomato sauce, vegan cheese, mushrooms, sweetcorn, red onion, green and red peppers, and tomatoes. It certainly looks tasty in the pictures.

A Domino’s spokesperson commented:

“We want as many people as possible to enjoy the great taste of Domino’s and the appetite for us to offer a vegan pizza has continued to grow. We’re delighted to say we’ve developed the Vegan Supreme in response to this, which we think will hit the spot. The ‘vegendary’ pizza is in trial across a few stores in September to help us get as much customer feedback on the product as possible.”

It’s not yet clear whether there are plans to permanently roll the vegan pizza out to stores nationwide, but we have our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to grab a ‘pizza the action’ (excuse the terrible pun) soon.

In the meantime, you can find vegan pizza at UK high street chains including Pizza Hut, Pizza Express, Zizzi and ASK.

Domino’s has already launched vegan pizzas in countries including Belgium, the Netherlands and Australia (you can also get vegan cheesy garlic bread there. We’re only a little bit jealous, promise). Customers in America have also been begging the pizza chain to add vegan menu options Stateside, so perhaps Domino’s US will be next to trial some plant-based pizza – and we’ll be sure to update you when it happens!

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