Easy Vegan Dinners from UK Supermarkets

Do you feel like you rarely have time to cook dinner at the end of a busy day? Are you worried that going vegan means spending hours cooking all of your meals from scratch?

Luckily, that’s not the case — there are loads of delicious vegan ready meals available to buy and throw in the oven or microwave. Keep reading to discover the best easy vegan dinners from UK supermarkets — be warned, you may never want to cook again!

Wicked Kitchen Pesto Lasagne

Image Credit: Wicked Kitchen

The Wicked Kitchen range at Tesco is one of the best when it comes to providing easy, delicious vegan dinner options. The new Pesto Lasagne is made from layers of pasta, cauliflower, potato, garlic style ricotta, and mint pesto. It’s topped pine nuts and seeds for some extra goodness. Lasagne is pretty involved to cook yourself, so this is a great option to have when you’re in a hurry.

Other ready meals in the Wicked Kitchen Range include:

Boom ‘n’ Butternut Curry

Big Bros Enchiladas

Stir Fried Black Pepper Tofu

Cauliflower and Mushroom Pie

Nana’s Mushroom Bolognese

Gunpowder Potato Chana Masala

Look out for these in the chilled section of the supermarket.

Morrisons V Taste Teriyaki Mushrooms & Noodles

Image Credit: Morrisons

Morrisons have recently released lots of vegan ready meals in their V Tasty Range and this Teriyaki Mushroom and Noodle meal looks especially tasty. It includes roasted chestnut mushrooms, udon noodles, edamame beans, and red chilli. It’s quick to cook in the microwave, perfect if you’re in a rush.

Other options from the range include:

Mushroom Bolognese

Vegetable Paella

Butternut Squash and Chickpea Curry

Three Bean Chilli Non Carne

Again, you’ll find all of these in the chilled section.

Waitrose Vegan Mac and Greens

Image Credit: Morrisons

Fancy a healthy vegan take on traditional mac and cheese? This ready meal from Waitrose features macaroni, kale, broccoli, and a delicious creamy sauce. It’s topped with grated coconut cheese, bulgur wheat, and ciabatta crumbs – yum. It takes 25 minutes to cook in the oven and has excellent reviews. This is a great one for those chilly winter nights and would be great paired with some vegan garlic bread.

Sainsbury’s Love Your Veg! Sweet Potato Katsu Curry

Image Credit: Sainsbury’s

Love katsu? Then new Sainsbury’s Sweet Potato Katsu Curry is for you. It’s been all over social media and has plenty of glowing reviews. You’ll get crispy breaded sweet potato, creamy coconut sauce, and delicious sticky rice. This would make a great treat at the end of a long week and is super easy to throw in the oven.

Iceland No Bull Chilli and Rice

Image Credit: Iceland

If you’ve been to Iceland lately, you’ve probably noticed the freezer that’s filled with 100% vegan products from No Bull. This frozen chilli and rice is a great one to keep in stock for days when you really need a fast, filling meal. It has a great flavour and is easy to cook in the microwave or pan fry. One bag serves a single person, so stock up if you’ve got a larger household.

Next time you’re short on time or don’t feel like cooking, you won’t have to reach for a takeaway menu. Keep a few of these easy vegan dinners in your fridge or freezer instead and you’ll always have a tasty meal waiting for you.

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