Suma’s Easy Vegan Swaps for Veganuary | Guest Post

Going vegan isn’t as tricky as you might think. There are so many plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy that you’ll be eating better, tastier food than ever during Veganuary – and beyond!

Suma is a wholefood collective that delivers over 7,000 vegetarian, natural, responsibly sourced products to businesses and communities across the UK and internationally. Suma believes in ‘doing a little bit of good and hoping for a little bit of change’, which is why some of its workers have shared their top tips with us for easy vegan swaps this Veganuary…

Swap #1: Milk

There are more non-dairy milks than you can shake a stick at these days. We currently stock no fewer than 107 options – oat, almond, soya, tiger nut and more – which means there’s something for you whatever your taste. Chocolate milks make delicious porridge. Try it!

Swap #2: Margarine

In terms of replacing the basics, look no further than our Suma spreads. Available in olive, soya and sunflower, these are an easy, healthy and tasty swap from dairy spreads. Great for cooking, or just putting on your toast.

Swap #3: Eggs

When it comes to baking, eggs help bind ingredients together and can give your food a bit of lift. But you won’t be surprised to hear there are some great alternatives – Follow Your Heart’s Vegan Eggs and Free and Easy’s Egg Replacer for two! If you’re feeling adventurous you can use chickpea water, known as aquafaba, as an egg replacement to make meringues, mousse or ice cream.

Suma Vegan Meatballs

Swap #4: Convenience Foods

We can’t mention Veganuary without reminding you about our super popular canned vegan convenience foods. Vegan meatballs in a rich Bolognese sauce, and burgers and beans are perfect for lazy lunches and simple suppers. Our beans and sausages are great whatever the time of day and they make a great weekend breakfast.

Swap #5: Meat

If you’re craving that meaty taste, that’s OK. Sgaia create “artisan, handcrafted” alternatives to bacon, burgers and steaks. “Our signature product, Mheat, is made primarily from wheat and soya protein, yet has an unmistakable meaty texture that wins over vegetarians and omnivores alike, says Hilary Masin, co-founder of Sgaia.

Swap #6: Cheese

Cheese lovers need look no further than Nutcrafter, a Glasgow-based producer of artisan cheeses made from nuts – the Ancient Aged Cheddah, Out of the Blue and Smoked Chipotle are sumptuous alternatives to dairy. “Food, in our own vision, is about pleasure, community, family and spirituality” says Nutcrafter’s Francesco Accolla.

Credit: One Planet Pizza

Swap #7: Pizza

Our friends at the multiple-award winning One Planet Pizza make fab frozen vegan pizzas, like Three Sheese and Hawaiian. “We believe that animals are here with us, not for us” says Joe Hill of One Planet. “And if we can thrive as a species without causing harm to others, then why wouldn’t we?” Especially when their pizzas taste so good.

Swap #8: Sweet Stuff

Sweet tooth? No problem. Cover those sticky and steaming winter puds with your choice from Oatly’s new range of fresh vanilla custard, crème fraiche and cream. And you’re not short of choices when it comes to vegan chocolates or sweets either. The Go Max vegan chocolate range comes in six stonking varieties. We love the nougat Go Buccaneer but you probably need to try them all. Montezuma have a huge range of vegan options and Vego’s chocolate spread is to die for.

Swap #9: The Other Stuff

Don’t forget about those vegan non-food items too. Suma’s range of shampoos, conditioners and soaps are all vegan, as is our Ecoleaf range of household products. And you can get plenty of skin and body care products, from producers like brands Heavenly Organics and Friendly Soap too.

And this is just the start. There are loads of options! Suma stocks thousands of vegan products, so whatever you want to eat, chances are you can make an easy vegan swap.

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