3 Vegan smoothies to help you through Veganuary

Hi, how is everyone doing this Veganuary? How are you all holding up?

Well in case your spirits are flagging a little, I have devised you some more tempting and creative smoothie recipes to keep you on the straight and narrow. I like to sit in my kitchen trying and testing until I can get just the right flavour and ingredients and then I bring them to you.

These three delectable smoothies and creamy and tempting and all Vegan, so you are not harming animals in any way when you try one of my creations.

‘For the Love of Lenny’ Smoothie

love of lenny for blog
Image Credit: Anneka Svenska

3 apples

About 5 strawberries

1/2 lime

Full fat coconut milk

Edible Rose petals

Mmmmmm this is probably one of the tastiest smoothies I have ever made. The inspiration lies in an amazing guy I know called Lenny who’s smoothies are the best I have ever tasted. My creation is a slant on one he gave me which was unbelievable.

It ist the most ‘slimming’ due to the coconut cream, but perfect to make you feel better, as its so uplifting and visually beautiful. The combination of apple juice and strawberries are sublime and the creamy coconut reminds you of summer time.

You will need:

A blender

A juicer

  • Juice 3 apples
  • Chop up the strawberries
  • Blend the strawberries in the apple juice but for only 1-2 secs to not liquidise them but to aggravate them in the apple juice
  • Squeeze some lime juice into the results and pop a slice in with the mix.
  • Take your full fat coconut milk and add a fraction of water until it is thick like double cream. You don’t want it watery or solid.
  • Careful pour the coconut cream so it floats on top of the juice.
  • Sprinkle rose petals and add a slice of lime or fruit for decoration

The Little Green Pineapple Smoothie

the little green pineapple
Image Credit: Anneka Svenska


Baby Soft Kale

A cup of ripe chopped pineapple

Coconut water

Now you can drink a green pineapple! This recipe is so cool and super easy and fast. Now you can get your super green kale along with a tropical blend of oh so sweet pineapple. Vegan, low fat and totally good for you. It looks amazing also with its many layers of colours and effects.

You will need:


  • Nip the stems off the kale and add to blender
  • Chop the ripe pineapple up
  • Add coconut water to cover the ingredients
  • Blend until everything is drinkable
  • Enjoy and be smug in the fact you have had your greens today!

Sunshine Surprise Smoothie

sunshine surprise 2
Image Credit: Anneka Svenska


Half Pineapple chopped

2 pink apples

2 large oranges

Sqeeze of lemon

4 – 5 leaves of kale

This wonderful smoothie looks like its all oranges and sunshine, but its little ‘surprise’ is there is super food kale lurking in there as well.

Amazing for those long summer days, bursting full of vitamins from oranges, pineapples and apples, this refreshing and citrusy burst will cheer up even the darkest of days. High in Bromelain, Vitamin C, Vitamin K & Vitamin A.

You will need:

Either a high power blender

Or a blender attachment to your cold press juicer


Peel the oranges

Chop the pineapple, apples

Blend everything together

Squeeze of lemon

Drink and dream of summer……

Keep going, Love and Hugs, Anneka Svenska, The Little Green Angel © xxxxx

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