50 Sources of Plant Based Protein

If you’re not acquainted with vegan nutrition you may think it will be a constant battle to get enough protein in your diet as a vegan.

As a matter of fact all legumes, nuts, grains, seeds, and vegetables contain at least a bit of protein and some contain a rather sizable amount.

Not only is it easy to maintain your daily protein quota on plant based proteins, but many athletes and body builders are now choosing the meatless plant based route.

For example, George Laraque, a former NHL enforcer, has managed to maintain his huge muscular frame with a vegan diet and if you need more proof just check out the 300 pound vegan!

Even if you’re not an athlete, protein is an essential nutritional building block.

Healthy.co.id has put together an infographic to show 50 Sources of Plant Based Protein that can help you!

All the suggestions made will make a great addition to any diet.


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