Must Love Veg

Must Love Veg is a free online calendar of vegan and vegetarian events across the world. They do the work of finding events so you don’t have to. They were started in early 2017 to help people find the support they need on their vegan journey. You can easily search for veg-friendly events near you while at home or traveling.

The goal of Must Love Veg is to help support people going vegan and staying vegan by connecting them with their local vegan community.

When the team behind Must Love Veg went vegan several years ago they knew they needed to find other vegans for support to stay with the lifestyle. They searched for all the Meetup groups, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, and Eventbrite profiles that hosted vegan events in their area. And they started going to every vegan event they could find and meeting great people. Then they very quickly met people who didn’t know about some of the events the team had found, or any of them at all. The Must Love Veg team had found all these great groups helping animals and people, but so many people didn’t know about the great events going on right near them. There was a need for a website that could gather the events from the various vegan and vegetarian groups doing great work and put them into one place that would let people find their vegan and vegetarian events wherever they are in the world. 

There are currently over 4,000 upcoming events on the site from over 800 groups. Must Love Veg pulls in new vegan and vegetarian events every week from veg-friendly Meetup groups, Facebook pages, and other sources. And they are constantly adding new groups and new events, including online-only events. They have automated the process so they can expand worldwide wherever there are vegan events.

You can connect with them on Facebook  or on Twitter

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