Animus: An Exhibition by Vegan Artists

This is your chance to fund an exhibition by Vegan Artists!

Veganuary spoke with Louise Wallis, Co-director of [email protected], a vegan venue in North London and winner of Time Out Love London Award, to find out more about their plans for ANIMUS: An exhibition by Vegan Artists. Read on to find out more…

I’m Louise Wallis, from the artistic duo Luminous Frenzy, also featuring my partner, Frank Hutson. We’re Curators specialising in ‘outsider’ art, and both long-standing vegans. We got the idea for the show when we opened a vegan venue, which houses an established art Gallery – [email protected].

A colourful night shot inside our venue Kabaret@Karamel
A colourful night shot inside our venue [email protected]
‘Mother Nature’ by Amy Guidry
‘Mother Nature’ by Amy Guidry

ANIMUS will be an international group show exploring human treatment of other animals, as well as the vegan identity and what it means to see with ‘our’ eyes. The aim is to support animals hidden from the public gaze to be seen. Animals will feature in all works, and provide the overarching theme.

We’ve enlisted some of the most celebrated vegan artists, such as…

  • Sue Coe (Graphic Artist/UK & US)
  • Jo-anne McArthur (Photographer/Canada)
  • Roger Olmos (Illustrator/Spain)
  • Amy Guidry (Surrealist Painter/US)
  • Philip McCulloch Downs (Painter/UK)
  • Matthew Maran (Photographer/UK)
  • Jana Schirmer (Digital Artist/Germany)
  • Dana Ellyn (Painter/US)

The exhibition will be free, and everyone is welcome to view it. The venue is on the ground floor, is wheelchair-accessible, and has a disabled loo.

We have an exhibition slot, this summer – thanks to Collage Arts (the Gallery’s owners) – but there’s no budget for printing, framing and shipping costs, which is why we’re calling on you!

We need to raise £2000. The fantastic news is we’ve already raised half this money, thanks to the kind support of the Vegan Society and Vegan Life Magazine. Now we’re looking to match this and raise £1000 through crowdfunding.

We’re offering some great perks for backers, and every one of you will get a credit in the exhibition programme (unless you’d rather remain anonymous).

Please visit our crowdfunding page to find out more!

The power of the image is legendary: it can move us emotionally, and inspire us into action. There’s also increasing interest in animal-centric art – as we’ve seen at Banksy’s Dismaland – and vegan artists are at the cutting edge.

So please spread the love and share this campaign far and wide!


  • WHEN: ANIMUS will run for 7 weeks, from 24th July – 9th September 2016.

Check our social media for updates – We’re on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’d like to read more about me, visit my website.

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