Art of Compassion Project

The idea behind the Art of Compassion Project is to create awareness by opening people’s minds and hearts to animals through art. Every year we will support AT LEAST one different non-profit and donate 100% of the profits to them. This year (the first year of our project) we are fundraising for Veganuary. Every single artist involved in the project is either vegan or vegetarian.

Our 2015 projects

  • A crowdfunding/fundraising campaign which is currently running now until the 31 August.  68 artists from all across the globe have contributed their beautiful art to this crowdfunding project.  There are 150 art postcards and 125 Giclée art prints to choose from as campaign perks.
  • An online art auction (20-31 August 2015)  For more information visit:
  • A 2016 Vegan Art Calendar (on sale online in November 2015)
  • Art of Compassion book (hopefully coming out at the end of November 2015)

About the upcoming book;

Earlier this year I approached various artists around the world with the idea of putting together an art book in aid of Veganuary. The result was inspiring and soon I had 80 artists on board. These artists are from all around the world: Africa, Europe, Australia, Zealandia, North and South America and Asia. A large part of the art you see available as perks in this crowdfunding (fundraising) campaign is a result of the work I received from these artists. Each artist with their own distinctive, yet common, goal are creating a better world for animals through their art. The upcoming book not only offers beautiful art but also a little about each artist’s journey.


TWITTER: @infiniteleigh8

Featured Image (from top left to bottom right)
1. The Bullfighter Dies (Larry Torro)
2. I Don´t Eat Meat…. Just Fish (Louis Gedo)
3. Mother (Francisco Atencio)
4. Evolution of Revolution (Hartmut Kiewert)
5. Dinnertime (Dana Ellyn)
6. Quiet Now (Katharina Rot)
7. The Green Man (Philip McCulloch-Downs)
8. Sacred Bonds (Chelsea Dub)
9. Nymph with the Fox (Jade Monica Bello)

Thinking of trying vegan?

Veganuary inspires and supports people all over the world to try vegan for January and beyond. Millions of people have already taken part.
Will you join them?