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Book Review: Vegan Bible by Marie Laforêt

Image Credit: Marie Laforêt

Beautifully illustrated throughout, Vegan Bible is one of the most comprehensive vegan cookbook out there, opening you up to a whole world of diverse and exciting vegan gastronomy!

Published in 2014 in French, Vegan Bible has become the No 1 best-selling vegan cookbook in France. Author Marie Laforêt shares her culinary discoveries and experience in what is more than just a cookbook! You’re sure to be inspired throughout. Author Marie Laforêt is also a photographer and creator of 100% Vegetal. She lives and works in Paris, focusing her work around food and living.

Vegan Bible contains over 500 creative recipes, fully illustrated and including step-by-step key information about each recipe and its ingredients. From how to make your very own vegan cheese, to your vegan version of classic dishes. You’ll never need to miss out on anything!

Vegan Bible is the perfect go-to cookbook for those new to veganism, with a whole chapter dedicated to vegan nutrition, including information on where to find those vital nutrients, pregnancy and children, and the elderly.

Recipes range from dishes suitable for a romantic night in, to family gatherings, celebrations and even picnics and barbecues. There are some really simple recipes for those homemade vegan basics such as cheese, seitan, tempeh, etc. as well as lots of wonderful recipe ideas on how to create tantalizing dishes with these basics.

When reviewing this book I came across a few personal favorites, such as the Grilled Courgette, Pine Nut and Herb Tart in the ‘Doing Away With Eggs’ chapter and the Chocolate and Soft Fruit Pizzas in the chapter, ‘Cooking For Every Occasion’.

Image Credit: Marie Laforêt

This book is beautifully presented, making it an absolute treat to read and inspiring to use.

We hope you enjoy it as much as Veganuary do!

Purchase Vegan Bible from Grub Street Publishing.

Vegan Bible, Marie Laforêt, London, Grub Street, 2015, English Language edition, £25.00, ISBN 978- 1 -910690-07 -9

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