Team GB Triathlete and Veganuary Ambassador Qualifies for World Championships!

Congratulations to Team GB Triathlete and Veganuary Ambassador, Daniel Geisler who has qualified for the World Championships in Canada just five months after going vegan with Veganuary.
In that short time, the triathlete has become so committed to a plant-based diet that he has even added the Veganuary logo to his kit! He wasn’t so sure when he started out, though, what a vegan diet would mean for his training and competitiveness, but it has, he says, made all the difference.

Daniel Geisler - Veganuary Ambassador

When I started Veganuary, I was very skeptical about the outcome, especially as to how it would affect my training and racing. However, it has literally proven to be life-changing, and has made me realise just how a pure diet can change your well-being and mental state for the better. I have now embraced the plant-based lifestyle fully and not looked back for a second. It has improved my sporting performance in many ways, helping me to train better, race faster and recover quicker.

Check out Dan’s kit!

Daniel Geisler

Daniel joins a growing number of top-class athletes who have adopted a vegan diet, including heavyweight boxer David Haye and England striker Jermain Defoe. We wish him all the luck in the world in Canada.

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