Cooking 4 Compassion

Do you want an easy and delicious way to help animals?

Join our Cooking 4 Compassion scheme and raise funds and awareness about animal suffering at the same time.

We created Cooking 4 Compassion so that Veganuary supporters can take part in grassroots activism from the comfort of their own homes. Many animal lovers would like to do something to help to change our world, but are unsure what will be worthwhile or easy to include in everyday life.

There’s an old saying about food being the way to a man’s heart… Well in our experience, good food is the way to everyone’s heart! And cooking for people is actually a great form of everyday activism. There’s nothing quite like the warmth and togetherness of coming together to share a meal, and that’s exactly what we’d like to invite you to do on behalf of Veganuary.

With Cooking 4 Compassion you host a vegan meal in your own home – it can be anything you want, from a formal dinner party to a summer BBQ – where each guest is asked to donate £/$5. The collective amount raised is then donated to Veganuary via Paypal. Your efforts will help to:

  • reduce the suffering of farmed animals
  • inspire thousands more people to try vegan
  • make trying vegan easier and more accessible
  • promote a vegan campaign in over 140 countries

People like you keep Veganuary going! Cooking 4 Compassion encompasses our key values of community and friendship, and we hope that you’ll find it a fun and rewarding way of getting involved and sharing the Veganuary message.


Shout about it! Share the pictures of your event with us and inspire others to get cooking! ?

Meal inspiration:

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