Countdown to Veganuary Day 18

Try vegan for the animals

It’s day 18 of the Countdown to Veganuary, today we consider animals in the meat industry business.

When we buy animal products we send a message to the industries from where they come from, we are saying we support this.

Try vegan this January and say no to needless animal suffering.

Where animals are treated as a commodity there is no room for ethics, by trying vegan for one month you can spare the suffering of 30 animals (statistics taken from This works by supply and demand, as the demand decreases for animal products so will the supply.

This also works the same way for vegan products – ask your local restaurants to provide vegan options by leaving them one of our cards. Lets increase the amount of vegan options available and help the helpless together.

Keep an eye out on our calendar, we’ll be posting more quotes like this throughout the month!

Check back at our main post to see our full countdown calendar as each day goes up!

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