Did Okja Affect You Too?

Okja hit Netflix last month and it has clearly left a mark on the hearts and minds of many people!

This sci-fi adventure movie tells the story of a young girl who befriends a mutant pig, deemed for the slaughterhouse. The film follows their evolving friendship and the young girl’s fight against a multi-national company trying to mass produce these pigs. Find out more about the film and what inspired Okja’s filmmaker, Bon Joon Ho.

Since the film’s release on June 28th, Google Trends shows a huge spike in people searching for more information on meat reduction and how to go vegan

Okja and Google Trends
Image Credit: Google Trends & Mercy For Animals

You can watch the official trailer of Okja here.

The scenes at the end of the film are the real life reality for pigs and all other animals caught within the trap of modern-day factory farming.

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