Humane Milk Is A Myth, Don’t Buy It.

Humane Milk Myth Ads Cleared By Standards Body

Dairy farmers have been arguing that an advert by EDEN Farmed Animal Sanctuary stating that ‘humane milk is a myth’ is inaccurate. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) however, have cleared it in a ruling that will be published today.

Although the language used to express the claims was emotional and hard-hitting, we understood it was the case that calves were generally separated from their mothers very soon after birth, and we therefore concluded that the ad was unlikely to materially mislead readers. – ASA

Humane Milk Is A Myth
National Newspaper Ad (Image Credit: ASA/PA)

This is a ‘landmark’ ruling and yet another sign that the times are changing, and with this, the attitudes of some of the top influencers!

You can read more about the modern milk industry and this latest news via the links below:

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