Introducing Lighter: the easy button for going vegan!

Veganuary is on a mission to give people the tools they need to go vegan in January and stay vegan for life.

To that end, we connected with Alexis Fox, Co-Founder of Lighter, to find out how this extraordinary company is leaping over the barriers people often face when trying to eat better.  


  1. How did you get the idea for Lighter?

About 6 years ago, I lost 45 lbs and know, first hand, that changing eating habits is tough. Our food system is broken and my mission in life is to help fix it – to protect the planet, save animals from the suffering they face on industrial farms and empower others to sustain a joyful relationship with their food and bodies.

Last fall I teamed up with my incredible co-founder Micah Risk, a nutritionist, mom and ultra-marathoner. We were determined to make it easy for people to change eating habits. We just kept saying “We need to figure out a way to just give people the right food!”

And we did it! Lighter is like the easy button for eating well. We transformed the entire unwieldy process of meal planning for the week – picking recipes, making a list, budgeting, shopping, dealing with check out, and getting the groceries home – into a 30-second digital interaction.

So many people feel powerless when it comes to food, but now technology has connected us to each other so we can face this Goliath together. Lighter sits at that beautiful intersection where tech meets kitchen so we can get good food to good people and celebrate as a community.

Photo © Manda Rose - Time Obscured Photography


  1. How does it work?

It’s super easy. Just go to our website and fill out a profile to share your goals (i.e. eating sustainability, weight loss, sticking to a budget, etc.), food preferences, the amount of time you have to cook on an average weeknight, any allergies, kitchen equipment and the number of people in their household. It usually only takes five minutes. Once we have that info we’re able to design delicious custom meal plans every week and get the groceries right to your front door.

We’re determined to keep our service affordable so we can truly make an impact. Fortunately, Micah knows what it is like to feed a family on a budget so she has worked her magic to ensure that each meal is between $4 – $5.80.

  1. Where do you deliver?

We intend to serve a global community! At this time we deliver to the San Francisco Bay Area,  Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City, Los Angeles, Southbury CT, Stamford, Austin, Seattle, Denver, Atlanta, Houston, Portland OR, and Boulder. We’ll soon be launching internationally, starting with in London, Montreal and Toronto.

We can’t wait to meet all you wonderful Veganuary Founders when we trek to London this spring for the launch!


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