Provamel is Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Sustainability is part of the Provamel-DNA. Not only do we strive for sustainable production processes and thus sustainable products. We also foster long-term relationships with our partners, especially our organic farmers. This philosophy is beneficial to planet, people and animals.

Provamel forest
Image Credit: Provamel

This holiday season we are focusing on sustainability again and we will not be putting up a real Christmas tree. Instead we created a DIY sustainable tree. The aim is to help to reduce the effects of climate change. Make this Christmas a bit greener by joining our movement and craft your own eco-friendly Christmas tree.


Plant-based foods are in itself already more sustainable than animal-based foods. The production requires less water, land and emits much less CO2 than the production of animal-based food. In addition to that Provamel’s production processes are CO2 neutral because we save electricity by re-using the heat generated during our production processes and we initiate our own biogas by purifying the water used during production. On top of that we contribute to a green project by planting trees in Burkina Faso to stop desertification. This is the “The Great Green Wall”, a plan for a 15 km large and a 7.100 km wide forest, from the east to the west coast of Africa, to stop the Sahara.


Did you know that each year a forest of 85 million trees worldwide is being chopped to decorate offices,
shops, streets and living rooms? By starting a new nature friendly Christmas tradition, everyone can help to reduce climate change. Create a fun, original and sustainable tree yourself. The design possibilities are endless. Driftwood, cardboard or even corks can be the start for a shining DIY tree.

Post a picture of your eco-friendly Xmas tree on Instagram with the #provamelxmas and share your green Christmas wishes with the world. Your trees will not only shape a digital forest on For each shared DIY, and every like you gather Provamel will plant a tree in Burkina Faso.

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