The Story of how Veganuary and Ten Acre Became Friends

A long, long time ago back in the world of 2014, the nice people at Veganuary and the villagers from Ten Acre met one another in the mystical place some call social media land. 

Image Credit: Ten Acre


Noticing that they were both about the same age, Ten Acre asked Veganuary if they’d like to share their packet of cheese and onion crisps.
“What a lovely offer”, said Veganuary. “But we’ll have to decline. We’re vegan, you see.”

The Ten Acre villagers all grinned; “We kind of figured that out from the name, but fear not, you’re in safe hands as all of our crisps and popcorn are vegan, including these. Go on, dig in!”

Well, any friendship that starts with a crunchy packet of crisps is bound to be a good one. And that’s exactly what happened on that particular day. Since then, Veganuary and Ten Acre have been hanging out regularly in social media land, having popcorn eating competitions and chatting about crisp sandwiches, but they both felt something was missing…

One day, Veganuary had an idea. “How about we team up? We’ll introduce all of our participants to your crisps and popcorn, and you can help us put together more fun competitions and stuff! What do you say?”

Ten Acre threw their popcorn into the air in delight; “That would be so much fun! Then everyone will know that they can try vegan in January and still eat delicious crisps and popcorn that taste of cheese or chicken or even sour cream. It’s a perfect idea!” 

And that, my friends, is only just the beginning…

Image Credit: Ten Acre
Image Credit: Ten Acre
Image Credit: Ten Acre
Image Credit: Ten Acre

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