Vegan News Round-Up: April 14th 2017

All the News You Can Handle from the Last Week!

  • Easter Eggs

It wasn’t so long ago that the only chocolate that vegans could get was that intense 90% cocoa stuff that ensured you didn’t sleep for a week. Now, the choice is extraordinary. If you haven’t bought yours yet a) you’re leaving it a bit late but b) don’t worry – check out this list from Vegan Food and Living to see where to go and what to look out for.

Dairy free chocolate eggs

If you really have left it too late but you have coconut oil, syrup, cacao and peanut butter in your cupboard, here’s how to make your own.

  • Don’t do Dairy

The dairy industry is in crisis in the UK. Consumption continues to fall especially among the young who don’t fancy drinking the breast milk of another species, or the pus it contains. With one-fifth of under-25s turning away from it, the National Osteoporosis Society issued a warning about bone health and the BBC forgot to differentiate between ‘calcium’ and ‘milk’. An article by the Vegan Society in The London Economic set the record straight but the bottom line is this: it is perfectly possible to get all the calcium you need on a vegan diet.

  • What the Health – have you seen it yet?

If you haven’t see What the Health, the new film by the makers of Cowspiracy, we absolutely recommend you do. If you’re in London, you can book a ticket to a screening here. And there are lots of other screenings around the world, including at Michigan, Pasadena, Syracuse, Brisbane, Adelaide and Auckland.

What the Health logo

You can watch the film online now

For those who can’t wait to find out more about why vegans are so darn healthy, we are already stocking How Not To Die, the book by Dr Michael Greger. He’s a man who knows you don’t need milk!

  • Veggie Pret in NYC – one day only

New Yorkers should head to 400 Park Avenue on April 22nd to try out Pret’s new range of veggie and vegan foods, which will be launching in 76 stores across the country. The all-plant restaurant is open just for that day but if you demand it, they will keep it. Head over there, eat all you can and remember to give your feedback. Come on New York, we’re relying on you!

  • Investigations

Animal Aid has this week released undercover footage from the twelfth UK slaughterhouse it has filmed. At Malik Food Group, sheep were picked up by their fleeces and thrown, and a blunt knife meant that many had their throats hacked at as many as seven times while they were still conscious. A prosecution is expected to follow but since this is the 11th out of 12 UK slaughterhouse to be breaking animal welfare laws when covertly monitored, it is clear the industry is rife with abuse. See more here.

In Defense of Animals – Rescued Chicks, Luna & Minerva

Footage just released by In Defense of Animals was taken at a chicken farm in Perth, Western Australia. It shows once again the unforgiveable horrors of animal farming. Tens of thousands of birds in squalid conditions, many sick and gasping for breath, while others lay dead around them. Two of these Easter chicks were rescued just days before slaughter and have been named Luna and Minerva. Billions of others are not so lucky.

  • Bake for Veganuary!

And finally… The Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale is underway from the 15th, but it’s not too late to join in! Simply, register on the website, bake some cakes, sell them and donate the money to a cause of your choice. There are bake sales planned in 20 countries, so find out which is closest to you.

Check out our bakesale blog for more details.

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