Vegan News Round-Up: April 7th 2017

Turning the World Vegan Shop by Shop, Restaurant by Restaurant

  • In the UK, this week, vegan cheese makers extraordinaire Bute Island just made a welcome announcement: their range of cheeses are expanding at supermarket Tesco. Available in a superstore near you are: Cheddar Style with Jalapeno & Chilli; Mature Cheddar Wedge; Smoked Cheddar Style; Wensleydale Style with Cranberries; Sliced Red Leicester Style; Grated Mozzarella Style; Grated Hard Italian Style (Parmesan); Soft Cheese; and Blue Style Wedge … with mould effect! Amazing.
Bute Island Foods
Photo Credit: Bute Island Foods
  • We envy those west country vegans who can pop down to Warrens Bakery, The Oldest Cornish Pasty Maker in the World, and grab themselves a Vegan Green Thai or a Vegan Fiery Mexican pasty. You know the world is changing when traditional meat pasties are being replaced by vegan ones. Go get ‘em.
  • On Monday 4th April, popular high street chain Pret launched their Spring menu across all UK shops, bringing a new wave of colour to Pret! There are a number of great vegan options on this new menu. The company also opened their second Veggie Pret shop in Shoreditch, London due to the success of the first #VeggiePret take over. The future most certainly looks bright for vegan going mainstream!
Pret a Manger
Photo Credit: Pret A Manger
  • On Thursday 6th April, PickyWops, a popular London-based Italian pizzeria completely ditched animal products from their menu after the owners went vegan back in January, upon discovering the truth behind meat and dairy. They have now launched their fully vegan menu and are looking to expand upon this in the near future. Exciting times! Read on.
  • And staying in the UK, CBBC presenter Tara Maguire has opened up a new restaurant on Bold Street in Liverpool. Our Kitchen is a veggie and vegan restaurant that focuses on some great-sounding healthy dishes but it was the vegan scotch egg that caught our eye. Anyone tried it? Let us know what you think!
  • Our vegan friends in Melbourne, Australia, have two new cafés to choose from. The Alley Café on St Kilda Road serves salads and sandwiches, pizza, burgers and vegan cakes while Girls and Boys on Brunswick Street is the third plant-based restaurant of Mark Price and Laki Papadopoulos. Girls and Boys is all about the puddings though, offering gelato and cakes, so make sure you fill up at one of their other restaurants first. These new vegan-friendly restaurants are fast earning Melbourne its place as one of the vegan capitals of the world.
  • Cinnaholic
    Photo Credit: Cinnaholic

    In the USA, a new vegan falafel shop has opened in Philadelphia. Goldie opens at 11am and closes when the last pita is sold, so get in there quick! And Cinnaholic, the Dallas-based vegan bakery chain is expanding to Austin. They sell cinnamon rolls with a wide variety of frostings and toppings. How about butterscotch with chocolate chips, or maple with cookie dough, or amaretto with oreos … ?

  • And finally, there was some controversy in Tarragona, Spain this week at the vegan el Vergel restaurant when parents were asked not to feed their babies cows’ milk on the premises. In a vegan restaurant, that should be a reasonable request but then Twitter got involved and it soon made international press. On the plus side, we now know there is a highly-rated, well-loved vegan restaurant with an amazing menu just south of Barcelona, and we can’t wait to try it!

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