Veganuary and Animal Equality Join Forces!

Animal Equality and Veganuary have joined forces today, and will be working together to create a more just and compassionate world for animals. With both organisations campaigning globally, this collaboration will significantly impact animal rights worldwide.

Joining forces

Animal Equality is an animal advocacy organisation dedicated to defending all animals through public education, campaigns and investigations. They are active in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela and India.

“We’re excited to be working with Veganuary”, said Sharon Núñez Executive Director for Animal Equality. “In only a few years they’ve inspired thousands of people to try veganism and their efforts outside of January have resulted in a substantial proportion of their participants staying vegan. One of our goals at Animal Equality is to achieve behavioural and lasting change in society, and Veganuary’s ability to bring veganism into the mainstream is perfectly aligned with that.”

Jane Land, Co-Founder of Veganuary, echoed Núñez’s sentiments. “We’ve long admired the work and ethos of Animal Equality. The evidence from their investigations and the scope of their campaigning is vital when it comes to changing public attitudes with regard to animals. We already use a lot of their imagery and footage in our participant communications, so it makes sense for us to combine forces to achieve a far greater impact.”

With a shared vision of helping as many animals as possible, this partnering  suggests many more victories for animals in the future. With Animal Equality providing the evidence to support veganism, and Veganuary providing the resources to make it accessible, it looks like we may be fast approaching a time when being vegan is the social norm. 

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