Veganuary Superheroes of the Month

Veganuary is a small team with a big, big mission. So when we called for help, it was the Veganuary superheroes who swooped in to rescue us.

These guys and gals believe in us and what we’ve done and continue to do.

  • They know we’ve encouraged over 16,000 people to try vegan.
  • They know this has significantly reduced animal suffering.
  • And they know that encouraging people to try vegan is one of the best changes we can make for our planet.

We’re incredibly grateful for their support and their generous donations of time and money. This has allowed us to develop the campaign and reach thousands of more people with our important message.

Here are some of our marvellous Veganuary superheroes (unmasked!) to tell you themselves what Veganuary means to them. Join them by donating today.


Aida: I was curious to see what being vegan is all about. Now I’ve realised there is a whole world of food out there I never even knew about. I helped Veganuary so they can continue to make veganism an easy AND tasty experience!!’


Becci: ‘I support Veganuary because going vegan is the easiest and most effective way to reduce animal suffering and protect our environment – and the health benefits are nice too!’

Caryl and Paul
Paul and Caryl from Vegan Food Quest

Caryl & Paul from Vegan Food Quest: ‘We’re proud to support Veganuary as they continue to spread the word about the many benefits of a vegan lifestyle and a plant-based diet – keep up the good work.’


Caitlin: ‘I thought Veganuary was a great chance to educate others about the suffering of animals in the animal agriculture industries. I also saw it as an opportunity for myself to try the vegan lifestyle for a month (I was vegetarian before) and I must say, it’s been easier then I thought and I’m planning on staying vegan even after Veganuary finishes!’


Houston: ‘I chose to support Veganuary because as humans with such great power, control, and freedom in most of our world today we should also be thoughtful about how our personal choices impact on other living beings. By living a vegan lifestyle (in my eyes, veganism is not just “another diet”), we extend our inherent, natural compassion we already have for humans, cats, dogs, toward other non-human farm animals and fishes as well by leaving them off our plates.’


James: ‘I support Veganuary because a plant-based diet is a great way to cut greenhouse gases, care for the natural world and also stay healthy.’

Leigh_Jan 2015

Leigh: ‘Veganuary has a very special place in my heart, as Veganuary 2014 marked my transition from vegetarianism to veganism.  Veganuary expanded my consciousness in a nurturing, gentle way and I’ll always be grateful for that.  I believe it is by far the most non-judgemental, supportive way to move to a cruelty-free lifestyle.’


Lizzie: ‘As a long term vegan, I feel inspired by the passion and vigour of Veganuary and all those taking part, working towards a more compassionate world.’

Louise Mead veganuary

Louise: ‘I decided to help the Veganuary campaign because I believe the best way for me to help animals is to help as many people as possible to go vegan.  Veganuary provides a really supportive environment for lots of people to make the change together, so they don’t feel like they’re doing it all on their own.’

Mino Valley
Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary

 Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary: ‘are passionate about supporting campaigns such as Veganuary because we believe they make a big difference for animals. We’ve seen the stats and people from all over the world are joining in and changing their lifestyle. From delicious vegan recipes, to nutritional advice and sanctuary stories, Veganuary has everything you need to help inspire you to lead a more compassionate lifestyle for January and beyond.’


Sally: ‘The opportunity to contribute and to support such a positive and empowering campaign could not be passed up on! Veganuary has shown me that our efforts really do make a difference and given me hope for the animals’ futures.’

Sarah M

Sarah: ‘I’m supporting Veganuary because it supports me; I share the campaign’s philosophy and principles and I LOVE the one-stop resource shop that provides 24/7.’

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