Working Together to Change Hearts and Minds (Part 1 of 4)

I want to change the world with you.

Social justice – what does it mean to you? Whether you’re an activist within the animal rights movement, queer rights movement, anti-racism movement, or the [insert movement name here], I’m sure you would agree that no matter how the issues differ, they are all based on achieving respect and equality for those that are affected by exploitation and oppression.

When we break everything down and look at the core of each and every one of these issues we begin to see the similarities. We begin to see the connections. Oppression is rooted in a mentality of ‘othering’ and it is this mentality which we must challenge.

But how can we ever expect to achieve an equal and just global community if we fail to recognise the connections between various forms of oppression? Or, maybe we do see them but choose not to ‘go there’ as it just seems too overwhelming to even consider trying to challenge?

With a consistent message of compassion and respect for all, across all movements, we can achieve so much more in the long term for those who need it. Veganism can help to do this by bringing words and actions into harmony with one another.

2013SlaughterMarch_JMcArthur-8819So I’m writing this now, asking you, wherever you may be, to join me in this strive for equality. To spread compassion throughout the movements, for all of the animals, the environment and for yourself.

This blog series will give some insight into this topic, offering a perspective on the importance of connecting the dots, working together across movements, the impacts we can have as individuals and our outreach efforts.

Part 2 of this series will focus on the reasons why working together is so important and how every  little helps!

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