Falafel Not Offal – Vegan Cafe Takes Over Butcher’s Shop

Falafel’s the new offal in Brighton market

Smorl’s, a family-run business based in Brighton, has opened a vegan cafe in the space where a butcher’s shop used to be in a symbolic move that’s being welcomed by locals.

vegan falafel houmous

Smorl’s is obsessed with hummus, experimenting with new recipes every day. The cafe is fully vegan, serving classics like falafel pittas alongside innovative creations like Mezze Cake. Market shoppers can eat in, pick something up to take away, or order for delivery online.

It’s all about the hummus

The delicious chickpea treat is created in small batches, and is artisanally-handcrafted. The food served at Smorl’s is based on traditional Middle Eastern recipes, with what the owners call ‘an added dollop of Brighton flair’, using top quality ingredients, including genuine Lebanese tahini. Apparently, we’re told, it’s the best hummus we’ll ever eat.

Available in four flavours, original, fresh chilli, extra garlic and thunder garlic, the hummus is all vegan and gluten-free plus it’s for sale all over Brighton & Hove, in corner shops, health food stores and cafes. You can check out the offerings on the Smorl’s website.

In the mood for hummus?

If all this talk is making your mouth water and you fancy creating something special at home, try our hummus with sesame flour recipe. If you’re looking for foods to serve with hummus, then check out our beetroot and kale burger recipe.

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