First Ever Illustrated Vegan Guide, Simple Happy Kitchen Will Make You Love Healthy Food

Simple Happy Kitchen makes boring nutritional information come to life…

 …with its unique, approachable, easy-to-understand and fun illustrations.

Highly anticipated, Simple Happy Kitchen is the first fully illustrated plant-based guide. With its cute, simple and clinically approved nutritional information, it is bound to make you fall in love with a healthy diet. Families, K-12 schools, teachers, health professionals – everyone can enjoy it.

Simple Happy Kitchen
Image Credit: Simple Happy Kitchen

Simple Happy Kitchen launches today on Kickstarter, hoping to raise $15,000:

The Book:

  • 100% professionally illustrated by long-time illustrator Miki Mottes.
  • Accessible: no hard-to-understand, boring charts and diagrams – information is presented with fun and friendly illustrations, infographics and humor, helping readers to build a diet that’s balanced and healthy.
  • Factual: all nutritional information is written by experienced nutritionists*.
  • Posters included: many of the book’s pages are perforated for hanging around the house.
  • Food tips: includes a section dedicated to tips on food handling and storage.
  • Interviews: includes interviews with renown plant-based thought leaders such as Dr. Michael Greger.
  • Dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″ (21.8cm x 27.8cm).
  • Cloth hardcover, approx. 120 pages, thick wood-free paper.

* All nutritional information in the book is based on studies and reliable data and is written and verified by vegan nutritionist BSc Tal Porat who also volunteers in Challenge 22+ (Experience veganism for 22 days) as a professional clinical dietitian, as well as other experts.

Editor’s notes: – For more information, please visit Simple Happy Kitchen’’s website here.

About Simple Happy Kitchen:
Simple Happy Kitchen is a project founded by Miki Mottes, an illustrator and designer. For many years, Miki has been devoting his design skills and volunteer time to many animal welfare organizations and associations that promote plant-based nutrition. Following the success of his illustrations with these organizations, Miki has decided to go ahead and publish a fully illustrated book hoping to help those wanting to learn more about plant-based nutrition. Miki has also illustrated Prof. Dan Ariely’s successful game “The Irrational Game” which was 1800% funded on Kickstarter.

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