Five ‘Fish’ Faves: Staying In Edition

Now that UK supermarkets are overflowing with delicious fish alternatives, it’s easy to keep fish off your plate and in the ocean where they belong.

Credit: Squeaky Bean

‘Fingerless Fingers’ by Squeaky Bean: New plant-based brand Squeaky Bean launched this year in Asda stores to “challenge the squeaky clean image of veganism”. Their range of mouth-watering childhood favourites includes ‘Fingerless Fingers’, perfect for a fish(less) finger sandwich.

Credit: Loma Linda

‘TUNO’ by Loma Linda: First-of-its-kind Loma Linda TUNO launched just last month in Morrisons and can be found on the tinned fish shelf. It’s a low calorie, protein-packed vegan alternative to tuna, available in five flavours including mayo, sweet chilli, and spring water – perfect for sandwiches, pasta, and salads.

Credit: Quorn

‘Vegan Fishless Fillets’ by Quorn: These authentic plant-based fish fillets by Quorn are a healthy and sustainable take on the classic British favourite; ‘Fish n Chips’. They come in two flavours; Salt & Vinegar and Lemon & Pepper, and can be found in Asda and Tesco.

Credit: Linda McCartney

‘Scampi Bites’ by Linda McCartney: The Linda McCartney’s scampi style bites are made from juicy soya and wheat protein in a crispy golden breadcrumb coating, and they taste, look, and feel just like the real thing – just add a squeeze of lemon! Pick them up at your local Sainsbury’s or Waitrose.

Credit: Ima

‘Salmon Sushi Rolls’ by Ima: Ima uses a secret exotic vegetable to replicate the taste and texture of smoked salmon for these sushi rolls, available at London supermarket chain Planet Organic. In addition, the packaging is made from sugar cane which makes it plastic-free and biodegradable! Ima also creates plant-based onigiri triangles and sushi burritos, including a vegan tuna and sweetcorn wrap, with an egg-free mayonnaise.

And seeing as we are celebrating #FishAreFriendsToo on social media, we thought we would throw in a couple of bonus picks that aren’t in supermarkets just yet too…

Credit: Loma Linda

‘Smoked Salmon’ by F-ish: This vegan smoked salmon alternative in a jar is available at select retailers and is just like the real deal. Perfect on a bagel for brunch with bottomless mimosas we reckon!

Credit: IKEA

‘Seaweed Pearls’ by IKEA: Having a fancy vegan dinner party and want to impress your friends… IKEA now sells a vegan alternative to caviar, made from seaweed, in the refrigerated section of the food store.

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