UK Chain Frankie And Benny’s Goes Vegan-Friendly With New Healthy Menu

The family-friendly Italian-American restaurant chain Frankie and Benny’s is expanding its vegan menu by six-fold to add lots of new healthy dishes


Following feedback from its customers, the restaurant will be adding to its menu to provide new healthy options, which will include plenty of vegan offerings. The new ‘Feel Good’ range has over 30 items that include fresh and interesting salads, The Vegan Beet burger and more. The expanded menu provides for gluten free and low-carb diners too.

Oliver Hopkins, brand manager at Frankie & Benny’s, told Net Imperative:

“As a proud family-friendly restaurant, we know we need to cater to all audiences.

“Our brand-new ‘Feel Good’ range expands our vegan, vegetarian and low-calorie options to help everyone find something that suits them.”

Frankie and Benny’s own research from a YouGov survey revealed that more than 2 million parents have consistently broken their diets at family restaurants due to insufficient choice, forcing them to eat something that wasn’t as healthy as they would have liked. With a quarter of the UK population now opting for plant-based options, the new menu will be welcome news for many families looking to cut down on meat and dairy from their diets.

The welcome news comes after the chain announced earlier this year that it would be refreshing its approach to vegan options in order to compete with rivals.  Live Kindly reported that the refreshed menu would include ‘upgraded’ vegan and vegetarian options in the popular chain’s 250+ restaurants nationwide.

The new menu will include a ‘VG’ next to vegan options and a ‘V’ for vegetarians on the menus in-restaurant, making it easier for seeing at a glance the plant-based dishes.

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