From Meat to Plants

Transition To a Plantbased Diet in 7 Weeks

Hi there my names Adam Stansbury, I’m the Plant Powered PT and I get men and women fit, strong and healthy on a plant based diet.

Have you thought about exploring a plant based diet but are being held back because you’re not sure how it will affect your performance and physique?

Well I’m here to show you that it’s possible to not only transform your body but at the same time to have an impact on the bigger issues such as animal welfare and the environment.

I used to be a Proteinaholic….

For many years before up to August 2014 I would regularly eat rib eye steak for breakfast and if not steak then any number of meats with a selection of vegetables. I was sucked into the Paleo / Meat and Nuts breakfast movement.

I was a product of the fitness industry and bodybuilding worlds’ obsession with protein or more specifically ‘Animal Protein’, because like most I believed plant protein was inferior.

From Meat to Plants is not only my story of how and why I transitioned to a plant based diet in 2014 but is an extensive 98 page 7 week Plant Powered Transition Program to guide, support and educate people who are interested in adopting a plant based diet but don’t know where to start.

It includes:

  • Plant Eating Principles
  • Ethics and Environment
  • Avoiding Deficiencies
  • Plant Protein Combinations
  • Plant Powered Performance
  • Supplement Guide
  • Super Foods
  • 7 Week transition program
  • 28 Delicious and Easy Plant Based Recipes (Meals and Smoothies)
  • Meal Planning
  • Documentaries
  • Private Facebook Support Group

Make the Transition and Be The Change…

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