Fry's Have Upped Their Game! - Veganuary

Fry’s Have Upped Their Game!

Vegans rejoice… we have EVEN MORE options!

Frys Vegan Ranges
Frys Chicken-Style Country Mushroom Pie

Here come Fry’s, a vegan favourite, making it even easier to make that switch to a diet that is free from animal products. What’s this all in aid of? If you weren’t already aware, this month we celebrate World Vegan Month, and Fry’s have surprised us with this exciting new 12-product range.

Gone are the days you could just grab a quick sausage roll or a pasty you said… but wait! Now we have an abundance of options, and they come in different flavours!

Grabbing a quick lunch? Try a Sausage Roll, a Med Veg and Squash Slice, or a Spicy 3 Bean Pasty. These can be warmed up for a lovely winter lunch, or eaten as they are if you’re in a rush.

Frys Vegan Pie

There is also three new flavours of pies; Vegetable Curry, Pepper Steak-Style, or Chicken Style Country Mushroom. You can also try a selection of premium boxed pies; Mixed Mushroom, Steak and Ale-Style, and Fully Loaded Chicken-Style… we’re getting hungrier as we go on!

Frys Artisan Southern-Style Tenders

So what’s for dinner? We now have Chargrilled Beef-Style Strips and Lightly Seasoned Chicken-Style Strips to throw in our Saturday night fajitas or stir-fry. You can also pick up Southern-Style Tenders – we’ll be racing you to the UK stores Holland and Barrett fridge section!

Thinking of trying vegan?

Veganuary inspires and supports people all over the world to try vegan for January and beyond. Millions of people have already taken part. Will you join them?