Got Misery?

Every time Mercy For Animals’ undercover investigators go behind the closed doors of dairy factory farms they document widespread acts of animal abuse that shock and horrify most people. In this latest investigation, workers at Andrus Farms, a dairy supplier to Great Lakes Cheese—one of the largest cheese producers in the world—were caught on video viciously beating, stabbing, and dragging sick and injured cows.

The investigation documented the following:

  • Workers viciously kicking and punching cows in their faces and bodies, beating them with rakes, and stabbing animals with sharp objects
  • A “downed” cow being kicked and beaten, having water forcefully sprayed in her face and nostrils, and being dragged by a rope around her neck
  • Workers using pruning shears to cut through the sensitive skin, nerves, and tailbones of cows without any painkillers
  • Sick or injured cows suffering from open wounds, infections, and serious injuries left to suffer without proper veterinary care

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