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Heck Unleashes New Vegan Sausage Range in the UK

The gourmet sausage brand will add 4 new vegan sausages to its existing range of plant-based meatballs

Image credit: Heck

There’s yet another reason for vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians alike to celebrate as another great range of vegan sausages hits the UK’s shelves.

After the huge success of its vegan meatballs, with the range outselling some of its meat products in Waitrose, Heck is set to release a new selection of plant-based sausages.

These aren’t your bog standard meat-free sausages and are possibly the most colourful sausages ever to grace our plates! With the focus on using real ingredients and plant protein, Heck’s new range will include some unusual flavours, including these four gourmet bangers: The Beat Goes on, made of beetroot, carrot and horseradish; Super Greens, with spinach, kale, ginger and chilli; Sweet Fusion, with sweet potato and Thai pesto; and Bollywood Bangers, a cauliflower bhaji-style sausage.

Heck has been bringing ‘farmers’ market’ style sausages to the UK supermarket shelves for years, but released its first vegan range over the past year. After seeing the huge demand for the plant-based products, Heck has converted one of its old plants into an exclusively meat-free production centre.

Heck co-founder, Jamie Keeble, commented:

“There is a huge groundswell for plant-based sausages and burgers and I can really see a future where the majority of our production is vegan and vegetarian.”

This new range of vegan sausages has been four years in the making and will be available to buy in Asda from 30 August and is due to hit Sainsbury’s shelves from mid-October.

As if we needed another delicious reason to be vegan!

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