2,000,000,000 animals have been killed this year for food in the UK

It is estimated that 6.4 billion animals will be killed by the end of the year.

These figures have been calculated by researchers at Animal Clock an organisation which was created to bring attention to the incredible number of animals currently suffering on factory farms.

2'000'000 animals have been killed for food this year in the UK
Image Credit; Animal Kill Clock

Of the 2 billion animals killed so far around 350 million are land animals, with the rest being fish and shellfish.

Over a year, the UK population consume huge amounts of animals:

  • 1,050,000,000 chickens
  • 15,400,000 turkeys
  • 2,780,000 cows
  • 10,990,000 pigs
  • 14,000,000 ducks
  • 14,556,000 sheep
  • 876,000,000 fish
  • 4,394,000,000 shellfish

To put this in perspective, during World War II–the deadliest conflict in human history–more than 60 million people were killed over 6 years. The same number of animals die in support of the U.K. food supply every 3 and a half days.

Some other shocking statistics identified by the Animal Clock team include:

  • There are 1,674 intensive factory farms in the U.K. (including 789 concentrated animal feeding operations).
  • The average amount of space afforded to each chicken on intensive U.K. factory farms is just 25cm x 25cm
  • 6,800 litres of water is used to produce one pound of beef. Equivalent to 7 years of drinking water for the average person.

The figures for the US are even more shocking with nearly 17 billion animals already killed for food. The researchers use the most trusted sources, including the meat and fish industry’s own figures to estimate the numbers of animals being killed. References are included on the Animal Clock website.

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