How much does it cost to save 760 animals?

She can barely stand up, but you can stand up for her.

For just £10* you can stop this suffering. That’s all it costs to spare her and 759 others just like her from a life of misery.

*$14 USD or $19 AUD


With your support, Veganuary’s effectiveness is increasing year-on-year. You are making a difference in the lives of farmed animals!

Anything you give goes straight back into a campaign that:

  • is recommended by 99% of people who take part
  • changes the lifestyle and dietary habits of 81% of its participants
  • spares 3.8 million animals from a life of misery (this year alone)

We have calculated our campaign spend against our impact, so that you can see the effectiveness of your donation. Just £10 helps us to spare 760 animals from a life of suffering.

Please consider a regular, monthly donation. You will help us to:

  • reduce the suffering of farmed animals
  • inspire thousands more people to try vegan
  • make trying vegan easier and more accessible
  • promote our campaign to over 140 countries.

Veganuary needs to continue to grow in order to save more animals. We want to double participant numbers for Janaury 2017, and to do that we need your help.

All animals should be free to live. The more people who try vegan with Veganuary, the fewer animals will be used and abused across the globe.

We cannot continue to grow without your support and investment.

Not only will you be helping us to change the world for animals, you’ll be getting behind a campaign that people just love being a part of…

99% of Veganuary 2016 survey respondents said they’d recommend us to friends or family! Even in this day and age, there is still no better marketing than word of mouth, and we’re truly excited for what Veganuary 2017 has in store. We hope you’ll continue to be a part of it.


Thanks to Jo-Anne McArthur for the use of the image in the above visual.

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