In Conversation with a Truly Modern Vegan Woman – Melody Kane

A more healthful, passionate and fit representation of a vegan woman you’ll seldom see.

Veganuary chats to the incredible Melody Kane about music, fitness, food and mental health.

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Image Credit: Melody Kane: DJ, healthy living advocate and all-round inspiration.

What made you decide to become vegan? How was your journey into the lifestyle?

Becoming plant-based was actually a really smooth transition for me. I decided after some conversations with friends to stop eating meat, and just test out how my physical and mental well-being would improve. I felt the effects almost instantly, and after a year of not eating meat I stopped eating eggs and fish, and became completely plant-based. That was over five years ago and I haven’t looked back.  

You’re a radiant example of vegan health! Just how do you do it?

No one day is ever the same for me, they are pretty much a mixture of training, meetings, going through music, spending time in nature and connecting with people that are close to me.  The one thing that is regular is waking up early and spending time praying, mediating and writing in my journal.

How do you think veganism portrayed and represented in the music industry?

I think it’s a great time to be a vegan, as more and more people are tuning into the lifestyle! We have some great vegan spokes people within our industry like JME and Leona Lewis. The appeal and reach of the benefits of a vegan lifestyle is ever-reaching across all industries.  From my experience, it is portrayed mostly positivity. There always will be negativity towards anything that’s in the minority, but I really feel that times are changing, and in the future being vegan will just be a standard normality for most people.

Who inspires you?

My inspiration comes in many different forms depending on my mindset at that particular time. There are incredible women within fitness who inspire me because of their dedication, but also amazing women speaking their truths about inequality in hostile environments that inspire me. I also take great inspiration from people that are dedicated to their faith and people that are fearless in living their dreams, plus those that selflessly commit their lives to serving others. It’s hard for me to name anyone individual in these areas. There are so many people I admire and receive inspiration from!

You run successful music-based fitness business, No Kane No Gain. What was the motive behind setting this up?

No Kane No Gain came from me having a love of fitness and training. Struggling with my motivation to train alone, but also feeling uncomfortable in group training classes and events – they just didn’t feel that welcoming! Plus, the quality of the music at 95% of the fitness classes was terrible. I decided to create an environment that felt super inclusive regardless of weight, fitness ability, age or race, with an incredibly motivating soundtrack and trainers that make everyone feel comfortable, included and accepted. The great thing about No Kane No Gain is that it’s a community of like-minded non-judgmental people that just want to connect, get fit and project good energy!

What do you love best about your work and lifestyle as a professional vegan woman?

I love the freedom that my work gives, my days are my own to plan however I best need, and I’ve always loved traveling. I’ve been lucky enough to go all over the world playing the music I love to amazing crowds of people at some truly incredible events. I never under appreciate this.

What keeps you motivated?

The thought of living a life that is unfilled and leaving this lifetime with more regrets than victories keeps me motivated.

 Why is it important to move for our mental health?

If I’m feeling low or struggling with stressful situations in my life, the overwhelming difference that being active makes is undeniable. It can feel really challenging to just get out the house or get yourself up and active, but movement is like medicine for the body and the mind, if you can be active in nature that’s a double win.

What are some of your favourite daily eats?

 My eating patterns can be very irregular, which is definitely something I need to work on! But in a good day I’ll make a fresh juice from 70% organic veg and 30% organic fruit or I’ll have a smoothie made with Raw Sport Protein. Lunch will be soup or a wrap and for dinner I love chickpea or lentil curry or pasta. I have a really sweet tooth and LOVE Crosstown Donuts or the burger and fries from Mooshies in Brick Lane are awesome!

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